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How many of these common sense of machining precision machinery did you win?

Precision machining is completed by using precision machine tools, precision measuring tools and meters under strict control environmental conditions. The machining accuracy reaching and spanning 0.1 micron is called ultra precision machining.

The process function of precision machining is:

① The shape and mutual orientation accuracy of parts reach micron or angular second level;

② The distance or feature dimension tolerance of parts is less than micron;

③ The micro unevenness of part surface (uniform height difference of surface unevenness) is less than 0.1 micron;

④ Mutual accessories can meet the requirements of cooperation;

⑤ Some parts can also meet the requirements of accurate mechanical or other physical properties;

In the aerospace industry, precision machining is mainly used to process precision mechanical parts in aircraft control equipment, such as precision cooperation parts in hydraulic and pneumatic servo mechanisms, gyroscope structure, shell, air floating, liquid floating bearing components and float, etc. The structure of aircraft precision parts is messy, the stiffness is small, the accuracy is very high, and the data that are difficult to process account for a large proportion.

What are the specific requirements for data in the processing of precision mechanical parts?

1. Requirements for data hardness

In some cases, the higher the hardness, the better the data. However, for the processing of precision mechanical parts, the data can only be limited to the hardness of lathe tool. If the data is harder than lathe tool, it cannot be processed.

2. The data shall be soft and hard

The machining data of precision mechanical parts shall be at least lower than the hardness of lathe tool. At the same time, we should understand the purpose of precision mechanical parts, so as to select the appropriate lathe tool for processing.

3. Attention should be paid to the density of data

Before processing precision mechanical parts, we must pay attention to the density of data. If the density is too large, it is equivalent to great hardness, but the hardness exceeds the hardness of lathe turning tool, it will not be processed. It will not only damage the lathe turning tool, but also cause the danger of cutting off and flying of lathe turning tool.

Precision machining has certain requirements for data quality, and not all data are suitable. If the data is too soft, it is not necessary to carry out precision machining. If the data is too hard, the lathe tool cannot be processed. In short, when machining precision mechanical parts, the hardness of machining data should be lower than that of lathe tool.

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