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Die accessories in precision machining

Mold accessories refer to the general name of metal accessories dedicated to stamping molds, plastic molds or FA automation equipment in the mold industry. Dongguan Shilihe Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. focuses on the processing of tooling, fixtures and precision parts according to drawings and samples in the precision machining industry in Dongguan. In the mold accessories inserts, which are more professional products? Let the editor explain to you.

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Mold accessories assembly

Mold accessories include: punching needle, punch, guide column, guide sleeve, thimble, cylinder, steel ball sleeve, no oil supply guide sleeve, no oil supply sliding plate, guide column components and other common types. There are three major types, one plastic mold accessories, two metal stamping mold accessories, and three non-standard automation equipment accessories.

Insert refers to the irregular mold accessories embedded in the mold, which plays the role of fixing the template and filling the space between the templates. The inserts can be square, round or chip type, but the requirements for precision are also very high. Generally, there is no finished product, which is customized according to the needs of the mold. The insert has the functions of exhaust, convenient processing, easy replacement and easy control of important dimensions.

Which Dongguan precision machining factory do you recommend? Business development and design and development are synchronized. It has a history of 15 years in the field of precision machining. It has very professional technical experience and has a good reputation in the field of precision machining. It selects Shilihe Electromechanical to reproduce the perfect process.

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